Our Programs

The organization has 3 main programs namely

1. Prevention with Positives (PWP)

  • Outreach and community mobilization
  • Rapid counseling and testing
  • Facilitating post-test clubs and other peer support groups
  • Focused communication campaigns
  • Training people with HIV as peer outreach workers
  • Reinforcing Positive Prevention through home-based care
  • Addressing HIV-related gender-based violence in Positive Prevention

2. Counseling

We at Operation Hope have a proven track record where it concerns counseling. We follow the Five step moethod wich includes;
  1. Establishment of a rapport with the client (Relationship building)
  2. Assessment and Diagnosis
  3. Formulation of Counseling Goals

  4. Intervention and Problem-solving.
  5. Termination and Follow up

3. Capacity Building

We at Operation Hope also undertake Capacity Building Endeavors for the community. We use UNDP's 2008-2013 "Strategic Plan for Development" capacity building is the " ... organization's core contribution to development." It promotes a capacity building approach to development in the 166 countries it is active in. It focuses on building capacity on an institutional level and offers a 5 step process for systematic capacity building. The steps are:

  1. Engage stakeholders on capacity development
  2. Assess capacity needs and assets
  3. Formulate a capacity development response
  4. Implement a capacity development response
  5. Evaluate capacity development