Our Services

We have several charitable services we offer to the community.

Prevention with Positives (PWP)

  • Outreach and community mobilization
  • Rapid counseling and testing
  • Facilitating post-test clubs and other peer support groups
  • Focused communication campaigns
  • Training people with HIV as peer outreach workers
  • Reinforcing Positive Prevention through home-based care
  • Addressing HIV-related gender-based violence in Positive Prevention


We at Operation Hope use the five stage process of counseling which includes the following.

  1. Establishment of a rapport with the client (Relationship building)
  2. Assessment and Diagnosis
  3. Formulation of Counseling Goals
  4. Intervention and Problem-solving
  5. Termination and Follow up

We have o proven track record and have performed this service to the benefit of the community.

Capacity Building

We at Operation Hope also undertake Capacity Building Endeavors for the community. We use UNDP's 2008-2013 "Strategic Plan for Development" capacity building is the " ... organization's core contribution to development." It promotes a capacity building approach to development in the 166 countries it is active in. It focuses on building capacity on an institutional level and offers a 5 step process for systematic capacity building. The steps are:

  1. Engage stakeholders on capacity development
  2. Assess capacity needs and assets
  3. Formulate a capacity development response
  4. Implement a capacity development response
  5. Evaluate capacity development